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Build a career with a lasting impact

In the military, you committed to serving something greater than yourself and serving our country. Now, whether you're leaving active duty, furthering your education, or looking for your next opportunity, we’re here to support you along the way. Because at Geisinger, our mission is making health easier for our communities and we know that the skills and experience you gained in the military are an important part of that mission. We are invested in your success- here are a few ways we’re committed to supporting it.

Personalized career guidance

With informational interviews, career counseling, resume advice and consistent feedback our team will assist you. We’ll help translate your military experience in a way that employers can understand, ensuring that your accomplishments don’t go unnoticed. We provide one-on-one support to veterans throughout the application process and work with our recruiters and hiring managers to explain your unique skills and experience into a role at Geisinger.

Geisinger Military Fellowship

In partnership with the DoD Skillbridge Program, our Geisinger Military Fellowship is offered to qualified service members transitioning from active duty. We provide hands-on work experience within our organization, dedicated mentorship, professional development support and more. Click here to learn more.


A network for Geisinger service members, veterans and their families, our veteran employee resource group is building a strong veteran community within the Geisinger family. VetNet forms collaborative relationships with local veteran organizations, supports veteran patients, and helps in recruiting and retaining the best military talent.

Giving veterans a voice

More than just recognizing Veterans Day, Geisinger is committed to giving veterans a voice and addressing issues specific to the veteran community. From Veteran Town Hall events to our routine VetNet meetings, veterans from across the health system are given a platform to share ideas about how we can improve. A new benefit in 2019, Geisinger’s paid military leave is a direct result of veteran’s using their voice

Reserves or National Guard benefits

If you continue to serve your nation and community in the Reserves or National Guard, Geisinger will support you. Here’s how:

  • Paid Military Leave
  • Pay differential for military leave over 90 days
  • Geisinger pays for health, dental, vision, life, long- and short-term disability and Employee Assistance Program coverage for up to two years of military leave.
  • Employer 401(k) contributions

Our veteran community

  • 4 Years as Air Force Linguist
  • Used GI Bill to attain BSN
  • Nursing Operations Manager- Med Surg Telemetry

James Gould, RN

“One of my biggest fears separating from active duty was the loss of comradery. The closeness developed when serving side by side gives a true sense of belonging. My Geisinger family has become that. I know that I can count on the team to take care of each other while completing the mission creating that true sense of belonging and purpose.”

As an Inpatient RN and Operations Manager, James Gould was asked to lead a COVID-19 unit during the pandemic. “The things you learn in the military prepare you to do what you have to do.” James Reflects, “In emergency situations, you band together and make sure everyone knows what needs to be done, move forward and debrief afterward. That’s the way it was handled here.”

Whether in the hospital, the clinic or an office building- Veterans play a critical role in making health easier for all. Hear more from James about responding to COVID-19 here.

  • Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • 6 years as a Physician for the US Army
  • Returned to Central PA to practice at Geisinger

Dr. Sabrina Whitehurst, MD

You committed to serving our nation in the military and continue a career in service with Geisinger.

Like Dr. Sabrina Whitehurst, who after six years as a physician in the US Army, chose to serve the communities of central Pennsylvania. “It all comes down to our goal of providing excellent patient care,” says Dr. Whitehurst. “But how do we work together to achieve that goal? Everyone on the team has a voice, and I encourage them to use it — that’s when real change happens, and solutions are found. When you’re doing what you love with teammates who feel like they’re family, you know you’re in the right place,” says Dr. Whitehurst. “I felt that in the Army, and I feel it now at Geisinger.”

Learn more about Dr. Whitehurst's career journey here.

Join our family

From physicians, nurses and EMTs, to human resources, information technology and finance, you will find veterans in every position and every corner of Geisinger. “The beauty of an organization like Geisinger is it’s just like the military,” says Chris Grill. “We are not all doctors and nurses, but every position is needed to care for our community’s health and support the organization.”

Continue your career in the service of caring at Geisinger and join the Geisinger family today.

Awards and Recognition

Military Friendly employer 2021
Best for vets Military Times 2020 Employers
Military Friendly employer 2022

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